ComputerComputer Sciecnce terms in an Online English Dictionary?

Can you please tell me the defintion of the word resource? The word resource in Computer Science in Computer Networking. Examples of resources in Computer Networking are printers, file servers and the internet. I am trying to find the defintion of the word resource in computer networking in the dictionary but I can’t find it. Make sure when you are on google type in resource definition.

It’s the same as any other definition of resource, it has the same meaning, just applied to things on a computer network rather than a country or a business or a person

A stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.

A country’s collective means of supporting itself or becoming wealthier, as represented by its reserves of minerals, land, and other natural assets. “Japan’s exploitation of commercially important marine resources”

A source of help or information. “census records are an invaluable resource for the historian”
synonyms: facility, amenity, aid, help, service, support, solution;
convenience, advantage, benefit

Available assets.