Steps to find the defintion of any Computer Science term

I will use the example of the word Memory cell which is part of computer architecture in Computer Science.

1.) I look for the defintion of the cell in the oxford English dictionary in google.
The defintion of cell is the building block of living things.

2.) Understand how the word I have found in the English dictionary is used in the Computer science topic. For example the word cell is used in Main Memory in computer architecture.

3.) Get the meaning of cell in main memory in computer architecture.
The basic building block of computer memory.

4.) Do the same 3 steps again using a different computer science term.

Am I right in finding the meaning of other computer science terms this way using the 3 steps? If I am not right please can you tell me why?

Or… you type in Google: Cell in Computer Science…you get:

The data is usually text, a numeric value, or a formula. The entire spreadsheet is composed of rows and columns of cells . A spreadsheet cell is analogous to a field in database management systems. Individual cells are usually identified by a column letter and a row number.

I would not extrapolate based on other definitions of a word. If your looking for the definition of Cell as in Memory Cell…that has a very different definition that Biological Cell does not cover:

But memory is a key element of digital systems. In computers, it allows to store both programs and data and memory cells are also used for temporary storage of the output of combinational circuits to be used later by digital systems. Logic circuits that use memory cells are called sequential circuits.

It would be better to be as specific as possible when looking up terms.

Well, words can have multiple meanings to it. You need to understand the context of where and what it is used to signify.
As @Tirjasdyn said, if you are looking for the meaning of something related to computer science, try to search it on google. Do not relate it with the meaning of the word used in different context.
I understand how it can be helpful to relate something you are learning with something you already know. But that could also lead to incorrect information.

I have found the meaning of the word Resources in computer networking in Computer Science by using context and doing a google search on the word but I am not sure if my defintion is right or not.

1.) I did a google search on the word resources

2.) Next I found the synonym for resources which is the word assets.
This is one of the ways to find a meaning of a word using context.

3.) I looked at the examples of resources which are printers ,file servers, the internet.

4.) Gave a definiton of resources are assets that are shared by multiple computers on the same network.

5.) Gave this defintion because 2 or more computers can share assets and computers can do that on the same network.
Am I right yes or no?