Quick Search, how to quickly find previous concepts

Do you have a way to quickly search the FreeCodeCamp data? As I am going forward, I find myself needing to reference something I have already done, but can’t remember the exact lesson. I can remember some key concepts and would like to search on those to help me quickly find the reference I am looking for. Is there a search engine that is isolated to FreeCodeCamp, rather than using Google on the world wide web?


in the top bar there is a search function, both on curriculum (it searches also developer news) and forum

Tragically, I don’t think it searches the curriculum these days. I always have to expand the relevant section of the curriculum and Ctrl + f.

Yes, I think the top left bar searches in the /news section. I have also found my self expanding all previous lesson and using ctrl+f. I keep one tab open just for that purpose. I was hoping to find a way to search /learn with key words.

thanks for the replies.

I would love that too. Previously, the search bar used to work on titles of challenges, but it doesn’t seem to be working that way at the moment.