Confused about moving from Codepen to Github

I am moving my Codepen projects to GitHub, and it said “Anonymous created this gist…”. How do employers suppose to see anything if the exported file does not appear on my profile because it’s anonymous?

Instead of creating a ‘New gist’ make sure you select ‘New repository’

Then, push your code to that repository using git.

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Make sure you’re logged in to your GitHub account. Better yet, link your GitHub account to Codepen.

IMHO though it’s much better to export as a zip instead of a gist, then upload it your GitHub account from your local computer. The way gist pens are set up is kinda weird. All the files are there but they aren’t connected by default, e.g. you would have to paste everything in the scripts file into your main HTML, whereas if you export as a zip everything will be where they need to be and your HTML file can run from the get-go.