Migrating from CodePen to Github

Hey all. I’m at the point where I want to start presenting myself as a more professional coder, and in order to do that I’d like to migrate some projects over to github as opposed to codepen. Youtuber Mark Snow made a video in his series on the JS calculator project (here) that seemed like it was going to be an excellent step-by-step on how to move a project onto github, but as I’m trying to follow along it appears that a few things are outdated/deprecated.

Does anyone know of any good videos or guides on how to migrate a project from codepen to github? I need to know stuff like how to work with npm, yarn, and making sure all your dependencies work. I’ve been trying to use github in combination with aws cloud 9.

Have you already checked this?

Happy coding!

Yeah, moving it to a gist is nifty, but then how might I get that gist into a repository? Do I need to?

Rather than export a gist, you can export a .zip and put the resulting directory in your GitHub repository.

Yes you can. Follow this guide: https://help.github.com/articles/forking-and-cloning-gists/

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