Transporting a project from codepen to github

I am having trouble understanding the process fo exporting my personal portoflio webpage I made through codepen to my github profile. I also need help understanding gists vs repositories on github. I used the export button on codepen to transport my code to github, which created a gist. Is there any way to make it a repository. I just like how repository show on the calendar option when you worked etc. Plus repositories option opens up first. You have to search indirectly for gists to see the work. Any help appreicated

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Seems there are two options, one old-school and one that shows mad git skillz. :wink:

The old-school method would be to export your codepen as a zip file, then create a new git repository and upload the contents of your zip into that new repository, being sure to push them to the master branch, if that’s where you want them. I just tested that, takes maybe three minutes all told, but I type slow.

The git-based method is outline here:

I haven’t really tinkered with it, but it looks pretty straightforward.

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