Confused in building my first project: tribute page

I am just starting my first project but a bit confused how to start write code in codepen…and how to use meta tag for addtional information.

i am just a newbie so can anyone help me pls??

i am using chrome browser.

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link to the challenge

The more specific your questions, the better the answers will be. If it’s just a basic “wtf is codepen and how do I use it” then I’d search for some YouTube videos - they are a great way to see what is happening.

You won’t need meta tags to build simple webpages on codepen. Just stick to the basic html and css, If you have no idea where to start, skim through some campers tribute page code to understand how to get started. Here’s the link to my tribute page.

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can i make the page which is tribute to anyone else or to make the same which is in the freecodecamp guidelines.Pls help??

You can make it a tribute to anyone or anything