Confused on web design final project, need help!

Hi! I am doing a coding course for school, specifically the responsive web design course on freeCodeCamp, and I am stuck on the Project Landing page.

I am stuck on the user story 12. When the user clicks submit, it is supposed to submit to a static url. I used the mock url provided, and I am still failing on this test case. Please help!

(note: I know the web page needs css, I just haven’t gotten around to adding it in yet.)
Here is my code:

And here is a link to the code above in CodePen:
CodePen project, click ‘view in editor’ to see code.

If you click on the “13/16 Passed” button, you will see more information about why the tests failed.

For example:

The #email input should have a name attribute : expected false to equal true

This tells me that you have something that looks roughly like this <input id='email'> without a name attribute included.

Thank you! I had no clue how to use the failed test menu but now I realize that it failed because I do not have a name attribute!

I’m glad I could help. Happy coding!

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