Connecting data to make a Web Report

I am trying to create a web report that pulls data from an excel sheet to generate a chart.

I created a template, and I have the data(an excel sheet that generates every Monday from our ERP system), I’m just not sure what the next step is to connect the two. I am assuming it’s a backend dev issue and I do not have much knowledge of that side yet. I want to eventually be a full-stack dev, Anyone knows where I can look for a good tutorial on using data, or is there one on Freecodecamp?

Also, I am pretty sure that I can get my data in other file formats. what would be a better format I should get sent to me?

Hi Lemonz, you will need some kind of server that lets you get the data through an http request in order to read it from the browser, where is that sheet stored?
A nice format for the data will be csv, there are a lot of libraries than can help you process it. Json will be ideal, but i do not think your ERP system can give it to you in that format

It’s on our server at work. I’ll check if they can send files as csv.

If they can then I would want to read up on Json?