Considered Multiple Offers?

Hello Folks,

As with most folks, when applying for a new job, you apply to a number of places. And during the process some companies move faster than others.

If any of you have been in a situation where you have an offer that you are happy with, but would like the offer from another company you are also interested in to come through, please share how you handled the situation. Specifically with still engaging all parties before an the first offer expires.

Thank you.

Gonna be lazy and quote myself:

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this happened to me once with two companies. The bigger company that I wanted to work with was taking a long time and the smaller company made an offer first. The offer was for not much money so I was not tempted. I called the big company’s HR and told them that I have an offer on the table and I need to know if they will be making a competitive offer or not in the next week. They tried to ask me for how much, but I just said that it didn’t matter, i want to work for “you” and I’m sure you will provide a competitive offer, but please do so soon.

This happened to me in a different industry with pretty standardized pay levels. Job A was my preference, Job B offered first. I rang Job A and explained I wanted to work there but Job B needed a quick response from me.

I was offered and accepted Job A and worked there happily for 6 years :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the response!