Console.log randomly stopped working?

I’ve never had this happen before

I use VS code and live server to practice my JavaScript and for someone reason console.log will no longer display anything in the console?

Everything else seems to work fine except for console.log? Has anyone else had this issue?

maybe something is failing so badly that your console.log statement is never reached?

I’ve opened up a blank project and it still does not work. It won’t work in any previous projects opened up either.

Like my projects will still run and everything but I can’t get anything displayed in the console. I’ve tried resetting everything too but nothing works.

What console, the browser, or the VS Code one? The browser console has some filters that can remove/hide the logs.

As an aside, I would recommend the quokkajs extension for testing and playing around with pure JS (i.e. no DOM code).

It was microsoft edge

I switched my live server default browser to chrome and it fixed it. I have no idea what I did for it to randomly stop working in edge.

very strange

Edge is based on Chromium so it likely has the same filter settings (I didn’t check). But as long as the dropdown is set to Default levels it should show the logs.

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