Contribute to FCC


I am working through the basic algorithm scripting part and do comparing my code to FCC guide. In some cases, to my great surprise, I found my code to be a genuine alternative approach.:slightly_smiling_face: Thought of sharing same on guide.

I would like to contribute my code to FCC guide. However, the repo mentioned in is archived.

Can someone please provide a step by step guide?

The current location where guide solutions are kept is here. You are free to create a PR to add a new solution, but unless it presents a different algorithm (i.e more efficient or uses less memory) than any of the existing solutions in the Guide, it may not be accepted. We get a lot of users who believe their solutions are “unique” which turn out to be just a different syntax uses (i.e. using a while loop instead of a for loop or using a higher order function like map or reduce to iterate through an array vs. a while or for loop.

Another thing which determines if a solution is added or potentially replaces an existing solution is if the solution is more readable than what currently exists.

So, go ahead and submit yours and we will take look. If it looks promising, we may still ask you to make a few modifications, but that should not stop you from proceeding.


Thank you very much for the feedback. It means a lot for a novice in coding like me who is a working professional in another field of engineering.