Contribution for university course

Hello there! I would like to contribute to freecodecamp for my “Software Engineering in Practice” university course. Practically, the professor has asked us to pick an open source project and contribute to it however we like but the contributions should be enough for a semester course but not too difficult. We have this project in teams of two people. Since me and my teammate would like to contribute to freecodecamp it would be great if a specific project would be assigned to us since we can not really work under the professor’s vague instructions. Our deadline is by the end of May and we already know html,css,sql and java and now we’re trying to learn javascript also so we can contribute.
Sorry for the big text. It would be awesome if we could communicate directly with the team behind freecodecamp but we couldn’t find an email or send a message at the Facebook page.
Thank you in advance!

No problem! Get in contact with the group!

Java and SQL are not currently core techs in fCC. node.js and RoR are more more important, as well as mongoDB. But I am sure you can do some…

Thank you very much!