Could you please check my first tribute page?

So I completed the first project of responsive web design course,

I am looking for your feedback generally,

for the project:

Hey, overall nice job with this. Just a few issues to point out:

  • There is always a horizontal scroll bar. Granted, it doesn’t scroll much, but it shouldn’t be there. Hint: The <body> element doesn’t need a width of 100% set on it as it will take up all the width on the page by default.
  • Don’t use <br> to create breaks between dates and text in the list. Block level elements always have have hard return after them, so you can just turn date <span> into a block element with CSS.
  • You can only use a within a .
  • The alt text for the image should describe the image, not just repeat the person’s name.
  • The sentence above the timeline feels like a heading to me (should be an <h2>).
  • The <h3> under the <h1> is probably not a heading and should just be a <p>. Or you could combine it in the <h1> and wrap it in a <span> so you can style it.
  • You might thing about putting the quote at the bottom in a <blockquote> instead of a <p>.
  • Instead of having an id of “main” on the <body> you should wrap all of the content in a <main>.

Also, you don’t want to include the DOCTYPE, , and in the codepen HTML editor. Codepen puts all that stuff in there for you. It looks like you also have HTML preprocessing set to Markdown. You should probably change that back to None since you are writing HTML.

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thank you for your effort explaining my mistakes. I will consider them and try to fix them respectfully.

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