Coursera U of Michigan Python courses

I have a question about the Python component of the FreeCodeCamp curriculum which I haven’t be able to answer by googling or searching this forum.

The Python courses in the FreeCodeCamp curriculum seem to align with at least some of the U of Michigan Python courses on Coursera.

For example I think the content for the data analysis certifications is similar to the Applied Data Science with Python specialization.

It seems the basic Python course is Coursera’s Python for Everybody specialization.

Am I correct? Does anyone know if there is a document somewhere that shows the names of these courses on Coursera?

Also, there is a Python 3 specialization on Coursera, also from U of Michigan. Is that content anywhere on FreeCodeCamp?

the freecodecamp python courses use as lessons the videos from freecodecamp youtube channel, and there is no link to coursera

Python for Everybody course was also a contribution to the freecodecamp youtube channel from same Michigan professor:


Hi @ieahleen, thank you for your reply!

I know the Python for Everybody course was contributed by Dr Chuck, but my question was whether some of the Python content in the FCC curriculum covers other parts of the U of Michigan courses on Coursera. Those courses have good reputations and I wanted to see how many of them are available here.

None of the Coursera courses are available on freeCodeCamp, there is no link between the two.
Sometimes it happens that someone that has created a course decide to make it available on freeCodeCamp platform, like in the case for Python for Everybody.

In general, Coursera is its own thing, freeCodeCamp is its own thing, there is no link between the two.


Got it, @ieahleen , thank you so much! :pray: