Create a tribute page

hello please this is the link to my tribute page challenge im having problems with the margins and borders and was hoping anyone could advise on what i should do thank you

Can you be more specific about what the problem is? I don’t see a border declared anywhere in the CSS.

Hi @moshoodaisha!

I’m looking your code and I see and find and error with div tag:

 <div id="title">
    <h1> Gorr: The god butcher </h1>
    <p style="text-align: center;"> The hisotry of Gorr </br> The brutal killer of gods in the Marvel Universe.</br>

You close the div with a title tag and you should close it with a: </div>

Another change I would do is: change the position of the <div id="main"> next to the <div id="title"> and then I would add the closure of this div at the end. In this way you’re going to have one div cotaining the title and other to the rest of the page.
(Using background-color in the divs can help you to see the limits)


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thank you so much would do that now

when i open the link through my phone the webpage is all scattered, i was thinking if it was because of margin or padding tried a lot of them today and now im just lost and dont know what else to do.

thank you