Create Form not working

My code will not work i have tried all options and checked forum and copied others answer and it still isnt working. Please can you help? my code is:

form action="/submit-cat-photo"> <input type="text" placeholder=""

I cannot move forward without the correct code.

We cannot see your code, wrap it in 3 backtics (at the beggining and at the end)

You should use the whole url starting with https

Hi, I have put https in the code but it still wont accept it

you have changed the input, do not change the input, if it’s different you fail the challenge

you have put the link you are given to use as placeholder instead of action as required

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Thank you but sorry I don’t understand what you mean, what have am I doing wrong?

Your form should look like this:

<form action="link here">
<input type="text" placeholder="placeholder text here">
<input type=“text” placeholder=“”

Thank you, I have rearranged it and it still not accepting. The code i am putting in is

<form action=""> <input type="text" placeholder="/submit-cat-photo"> 

The error I am receiving is …
The existing input element should be nested within a form element.

You have changed the input, that placedholder is wrong. Reset the lesson and nest it again. Leave the input as it is and just create the form around it.

that is not the existing input element

you may need to reset your code yo recover the input element

Thank you so much that has now worked :slight_smile:

Thank you so much that has now worked :slight_smile: