Creating a Contact Form

I’m quite new to website development, I’ve coded in HTML5 and CSS3 for a while now however I understand that is more front-end development. I’m starting to learn JavaScript and some Python. My question is in regards to after a contact form has been created (using HTML and CSS) what is the next step to allowing it to function properly?

I.E- A business has a contact form for job requests. (What is done on the server/back-end to allow the person requesting a job to notify the business through the website contact form?)

I understand this question may be hazy and a little confusing. I just don’t know where to start looking to find the solution to my question.

Thank you in advance to any feedback!

Usually the backend handles this. You can google something like ‘handle form data in the backend’

The simplest way to do it is use a service.

Awesome, Thank you! This definitely helps me out on where to start researching!