Creating a form element properly

**I am having trouble with well-formed open and close tags to finish the practice for the form. I have the first two checks but cant figure out the third : <form action="".</form>

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Challenge: Create a Form Element

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Hey @Lwoods28!
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I don’t know why there is a dot

hold on imma send you what i have

<form action="/"
</form> but it day I dont have well formed open and closing tags please help on my error

That’s because you have a dot.
Remove the dot and run the test.

i only have the .com that’s it ?

it should be like

<form action=""</form>

that’s not correct its still not running the way you said i’m online right now running the code try that lesson

Please give your updated full code.

Yeah we need your full code with the input inside the form

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(Your form element should have well-formed open and close tags)

<form action=""/form>

Your are missing the < sign

You 're also missing the input tag.

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I’ve added and it wont except it corrects one mistake but creates another

Do like @jwilkins.oboe said.

its says to put it like this <forum action="

Yes, the action attribute should be in there. But it is still incorrect without the input inside the form tags.

Did you delete the input tag?

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The spelling is wrong, it should be form

What happened to this?
<input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL">

Did you delete this?

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<form action=""</form> and it still tells me its not well formed opening and closing still

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With at the end of that

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