Form open and closed tag

<form action=""

I got the two right but unable to get the last which is" open and close form tag right"
Your form element should have well-formed open and close tags.

Please help!

It really helps to see all your code. When first asking a question use the ‘Ask For Help’ button which will create the topic in the correct forum, show your code, provide a link to the lesson and give you the chance to ask your question.

From what you’ve provided;
<form action=""
is missing the closing >

We cannot tell what else is wrong without seeing all of your code.

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Hello @jasjasjo88,

@Roma already point an issue and suggested you to share your code for that we can provide a better help. A link to the challenge would be good too. According to the message you seem to have, I suggest you to watch the course and watch the syntax of the form tags. There is an open tag and closing tag, which seem to be missing in your code.


<form> <!-- Open tag -->
  <!-- the code inside the form tag -->
</form> <!-- Closing tag -->

I don’t know how to help more from here.

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