Creating separate pages for my nav-bar

Searching the internet for answers, I found a way to create the nav-bar. However, I could not find info on how to create separate pages the buttons will take the user to. There isn’t anything in our curriculum about this? If there is, can someone give me the link to that? I don’t remember going over any of this before.

Unfortunately, you cannot do this in CodePen, because it is limited to only 1 html file. But lately, codepen has a new project feature that lets user import up to 10 files that you can take advantage. It is possible to do this, you just have to link the navbar to the html page. ex:

<a href="index.html">Home</a>

That will link it to the index.html page.

Oh, wait. I see now this project is asking for the buttons to take the user to a specific section on the page itself, not a different page.