How to make a Nav bar responsive

I am practicing making websites from scratch and just trying to practice and get better. How do I make a nav bar responsive? I am making a website about the video game Smite, and I want to make it so when I click the different topics in the nav bar, it takes me to a page solely about that topic. I am doing it on codepen, so any help would be appreciated.

You can search Google for ‘css responsive navbar’ and take a look at the first few links. There are quite a few ways to do it and you can choose how you want yours to look.

I think you have another question in here about linking to a new page. codepen allows you to create the HTML and CSS for one page. If you want to have another page come up when a link is clicked you’d have to create another pen with its own HTML and CSS and then link to it. Not knowing how many pages you want to go to I’m not sure how feasible this would be in codepen.
You could do it on your own machine in a directory you create and then when it’s done host it on GitHub pages and post a link for people to look at and give you feedback.

There are two options. The first, for Nav menu items,create a link pointing to the page you want to navigate to. For example<a href="page link’>Menu Name or simply use display toggling abilities in CSS. Give the menu items a class eg. Contact Page you can give class=“about-page” then in your CSS set display properties (set to non initially).