Critique my portfolio project

I just finished my portfolio project. The projects I showcase are to ones I also created and am still working on tweaking so feel free to give feedback on anything you see. I couldn’t get it to work on codepen so I posted it on my photo website. Thanks!

Okay, look and feel of your portfolio is something new and cool.I found a few things you can change to make it look even better.

  1. The home section is on the left if you could center it a little on the page or spread it across the whole width it would look much better, the annoying white gap on the right will also disappear
    2)The fonts in the navigation section are quite small and marginally difficult to read. So if you could do something about it, it would be great.
    3)Same thing with the contact section as with the home section, center it or spread it across.
  2. Also the contents of nav section looks weird on mobile view. You should change that.

Thanks for the helpful feedback. On my screens I hadn’t noticed the white space but I can change that and fix the nav links. On mobile view they’re supposed to go to a dropdown button rather than showing the menu, but if it looks weird I can leave the links on mobile too. I appreciate you looking it over.