CRM type website development for agent and brokers only

i am doing a project for my masters on making a portal website for agent and developer it is just like a CRM(Customer relationship management) in this i have to make brokers and agent page with different functionality like to create a live chat, agents activity(on brokers page), agents on-going deals, and many more to come. i am planning to build the whole website on python, and its new to me can anyone suggest me which platform is best and easy to build???

When you say this is all new to you, how new?

What have you built before? Are you comfortable with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)? Have you worked with Python before?

I Know HTML,CSS, Javascript but not the python

Well, depending on the size of the app, you might like to get started with learning Flask (a Python web framework) - I haven’t used it before, but have heard good things. If you’re making something a bit bigger in scale, I think Django is the more robust Python Web framework. I worked through Tango with Django a few years ago, but from what I recall the learning curve was a bit steep for me.

If you’re not locked in to Python, and already know JavaScript, you might find using JS on the backend a little less daunting. Using NodeJS (server side JavaScript) and something like MongoDB for your database will probably have less of a learning curve.

That said, it sounds like you’re thinking of a reasonably meaty project - so trying a few smaller backend projects first, like the freeCodeCamp microservice projects in the backend section - will help you take more manageable steps before diving in to the big project you have planned.

Ohh thats great thank you

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