Cross-publishing from facebook to website

Hi there fellow campers!
I’m trying to convert small business owners, who use Facebook (No I wont say Meta!) into proud website owners…
Some restaurants owners use blackboards to display the “menu of the day” and then take pictures that they post to Facebook.

If it doesn’t go against Facebook’s TOS (who knows what’s in there…), I was wondering what would be the best* way to automatically scrub those pics and display them on a website without the owners having to change their routine.

*I don’t want to use Wordpress, and I would like to keep Dependency/Library use to a minimum. Under the hood the target website will be using Next.js and will probably be hosted on Netlify, so server less functions are an option.

Thank you for your help.

The website is Facebook and the controlling company is Meta.

The TOS us public if you are worried about legal use.

I don’t know if it still works as described, but it seems there is at least one API to get content

I’d avoid scraping the picture as fragile

This seams like a good lead , I will now investigate.
If there is an api to do that I will assume my use case doesn’t go against their TOS for now…
Thank you!

It seams FB also has Webhooks so I may be able to propagate the pics from the account to the website without sending a request everytime someone connects.

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