Csharp inactivity

Hello all, the repository freeCodeCamp/guide/english/csharp/ has been extremely inactive in processing pull requests. The last request that was merged into that repository was 7 days ago now. I can help with merging pull requests as I work as a Full Stack Developer writing programs in the .NET stack as my day job and have done so for the past 2 years.

There are 5000+ pull requests sitting on the main FCC repo due to Hacktober, so it’s not particularly surprising that what you want merged hasn’t been merged, you need to be patient. (Also try the FCC contributers chat room on Gitter for questions)

I am asking to help out since there are so many pull requests and it seems as though it is overwhelmed right now. I wouldn’t merge my own pull requests. It is incredibly rude of you to speak to me like that.

No, it isn’t, I wasn’t being rude at all, though I apologize if you took it that way, I read your op as wanting on something merged. Again, go on the contributors chat on Gitter

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if you’re looking to help out, have a look at this post: Hacktoberfest 2018 update