CSS Color Marker Step 60

Keep getting error that my code is right but I’m typing it correctly.

Question ask to change background-color property to simply background and that’s what I did.

Hi @codenamedevon, and welcome to the forum!

Your code looks ok to me, but it’s difficult to be sure based on a screenshot.
Could you please copy/paste your code into a reply in this thread?

Just for future reference - when you want to post a question in the forum, you can do that by clicking the Ask for Help button located on the challenge.

That will create a new topic with all your code and it also includes a (helpful) link to the challenge.

You’ll also be able to ask your question in the post before submitting it to the forum.

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That looks correct @codenamedevon. I am seeing the same thing on Safari - it’s an issue with the tests. It works on other browsers - if you have another one, I would do this step on one of those. Otherwise, maybe just skip it for now until the test is fixed.

Edit: I assumed you were using Safari on mobile @codenamedevon, but I’m not sure - do you mind sharing which browser you are using - and the version if you can.

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Hmm :thinking: that’s probably why I’m usually on my laptop but I’m out doordash I g & coding on my phone in between breaks so that mos def could be the problem! I will try again once I’m home, I truly appreciate you responding! Newbie to coding & trying to stay consistent!!

Gotcha! Thank you for that info, going forward I will keep that in mind. I’m usually on my laptop but currently was coding on my phone in between breaks so it looks different. I appreciate the help, I’m a coding newbie & still learning lol

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