CSS Grid & Flexbox Practice

Hello, first post here. Just wanted some feedback on my *unfinished page. It serves as a landing page that’ll branch off into two separate sites once I code them. It’s inspired by two product lines a personal friend of mine owns. Just wanted some feedback on it so far. It’s actually a direct copy/paste from my files on my PC.

edit: Just also wanted to mention that I’ve really been into responsive layouts recently, and have been taking that on full fledge. Deciding not to move on to JS until I get a good grasp of how responsive layouts work.

Great work,

I like it.

Easy to read and use.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to check it out and leave feedback, that means a lot ! And thank you for the positive feedback! I’ll keep practicing until I feel comfortable to move on! Any pointer or tips you may have?

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