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Hi everyone!

I’m looking for my first role as a junior frontend/web developer. I’ve changed career from civil engineering which is very corporate so doing a more creative style CV is new to me.

I’m trying to self my self as a creator and researcher, but also with a relatively good grasp of UX and UI for a developer, as a lot of companies don’t actually have designers from what I hear so I could likely be wearing that hat.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Much love

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Hi Leon

Your CV looks good, but you might need to symplify it a little.
I am not expert, so take what it looks good for you:

  • At first view looks too populate, so it doesn’t invite me to read it, I did anyway.
  • It might help make a simpler intro and add your desire role after your name, for example: Front End Developer; don’t use junior, I never called myself junior geologist, if you know what I mean.
  • I would add my contact links after my role or behind picture; and only keywords not link itself (better user experience I think).
  • I probably would use less colours, left indentations and probably some symbol after every secondary title.
  • Not sure about titles in blue and taking the whole horizontal space…but for sure I would put some vertical spacing after principal titles as well.
  • I probably would use part of the content in the cover letter sended to the company; always making it specific for that position.

I hope it helps and best of lucks Leon!

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