Help with CV and covering letter for junior dev role in the UK

Hi all,

15 years ago I was a web dev coding in classic asp, alongside the standard front end languages. I left that to do some science, then some teaching science and now I want to get back into the web dev. I’ve done lots of online courses including some on here and am about to start applying for roles, but I have no idea how to write a cv and covering letter suited to web dev. Does anyone have any advice/tips or willing to share theirs with me please? I would be eternally grateful. Ideally looking for people similar to me with no recent experience, but will take anything!

Thanks for taking your time to read and hope you have a nice day,

Good you worked with classic asp, this could be titled as “back-end web development with classic asp” which is very generic.

I don’t know, but if classic asp is kind of dead, I suggest you start a new common backend coding like swift.

About front-end, you could go for title “front-end web designing” or “front-end web developer” which points to HTML and CSS and plain JS at first.
If you are expert on any js framework, so specify them too as sub-title.

Hopefully, about front-end development, you may simply have a public blog, share your works, articles, thoughts and … Because I believe seeing and feeling the real knowledge and experience(works) in real, is much better than a title as “front-end web developer” in a CV.

Same for back-end web coding, but indeed it won’t be easy, companies tend to have some interview about it I think to make sure you have great programming skills about generic back-end coding.

So happy to see you start coding again, wishing the best.
Hope you come up with a great CV soon, happy programming.