Cypress test failing

I ran the command pnpm run cypress open and did the tests on my code with the changes I made and it showed me errors on pages that I’ve never touched. Then, I discarded all my changes and ran the test locally on the forked code that I had forked today itself from fcc without doing any changes to it and still it is showing errors in that code too. Below is it’s ss. I’ve solved the issue but my PR is not being merged because it is not passing the Cypress test of firefox.

Hello there,

Those errors are console errors unrelated to the tests, and should not be affecting the actual test status. That is, the tests are passing.

Hope this clarifies

Thanks for the reply. But can you please guide me what should I do to pass the failing tests? feat(UI): take back to learn map after finishing a block by DEVelooper29 · Pull Request #50011 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

That PR has many changes it should not.

I suggest cherry-picking just the changes you meant to make onto a new branch off of main.

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