Dark mode doesn't work in Safari

Whenever I try to flip the switch in Settings it doesn’t flip completely, the mode doesn’t get applied.
The settings are not saved.
I cannot set my profile visibility to Public.
Also when I just started a course, some of my lessons didn’t get saved, until now, recently, lesson like 5 and 6 got saved and 1-4 were reset and empty.
What is this?!
So now I’m afraid and after completing every 2 lessons I go back to curriculum to check if the progress is saved.

Also, I am being asked many times now, about the newsletter and it doesn’t matter which button I click.
I am not in incognito mode.
The forum here works fine even with the themes. So the issue is limited to the courses page.
On top of the site there is a message “Oops something went wrong”
I have seen the Note: Some browser extensions, such as ad-blockers and dark mode extensions can interfere with the tests. If you face issues, we recommend disabling extensions that modify the content or layout of pages, while taking the course.

Please fix dark mode.

Welcome there,

I am unable to reproduce any issues with the settings page or dark/night mode.

Would you mind sharing what OS and browser version you are using?

MacOS 10.14.6
Safari 12.1.2

Thank you, for sharing that.

Unfortunately, I cannot see anything on freeCodeCamp’s end that could be causing an issue with the Night Mode, or the newsletter.

If you have any extra information to help debug, then we might be able to brainstorm why you are experiencing what you are.

I just want to interject. I’m running the same OS version but my Safari version is 13.0.1
If you come up to the latest version does it work as expected?

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