Data Visualization Certification question

I have been a member of Free Code Camp for some time now. I am nearly finished with the Front End courses and am working on the Back End ones as well. After that, I will only have Data Visualization left. However, while the projects are available to be worked on, the courses for Data Visualization are “coming soon”.

As I am getting close to getting the other two certification and want to get straight to the Non-Profit projects, what am I supposed to do in order to complete the DV projects? Is there a date for whenever the courses are released? Or are there other outlets I can use?

The beta has the D3 courses up. The react tutorials haven’t been put up as of yet, but you can get a basic course on it at CodeCademy until the FCC courses become available.

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Didn’t see that. Thanks @BenGitter.

All right, thank you!

So, it has been a while now.

Where is the rest of the stuff? Where can I see a plan of releasing it?