Database management system


I would like to know what is better suited for management of large and sensitive data:

IBM db2
Azure Microsoft

Looking forward to hearing from you


These are not similar categories of thing, they’re three completely different things.

Also, caveat: if you are actually trying to assess which of these to use, I would tentatively suggest that this is not the place to ask which [extremely expensive] provider you should use to store sensitive data, particularly as you seem to be confusing these categories of thing (a DBMS, a company, and a cloud computing provider).

  • db2 is a relational database management system (RDBMS), like PostgreSQL or MySQL or SQL Server.
  • Oracle is a company, it owns several DBMS + associated technologies, along with other stuff, like for example the Java programming language.
  • Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing provider, same as AWS or Google Cloud, it covers many different services. Some of those provide RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server etc) and other provide non-relational database management systems (CosmosDB for example).

That could mean anything. And securingthe data is not necessarily in any way tied to what the database system used is.

Also you’ve picked three of the most enterprise-y tech {things} possible. Their [IBM, Oracle and Microsoft’s] offerings all include things that are suited to managing lots of sensitive data – it’s what they all do as companies. If you contact each of them, they will each explain why their offering fits what you want, and will likely try to sell you that offering for tens-of-thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.

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Thank you so much!!!