An easy relational cloud DB?


I am new with databases.

Now, I am looking for a cloud based DB system. My two colleagues and I want to create a database for client management and vendor management purpose.

This means, we want to display

  • an account (clients/vendors) table with
  • employees
  • every account should have multiple activities (e.g. phone calls received, requests submitted or received etc.)

In addition, we want to have

  • a price table related to our accounts which are vendors
  • and a product/service table related to one vendor
  • and a country table related to each product (country where this service is offered)

→ We would be very grateful for any suggestion which system to use.
Our IT background is unfortunately not deep, that is, we only have basic knowledge of SQL. Therefore we would want to use a system which is easy to handle and does not need much coding.



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