Database project

Hola friends… Please give me a feedback on my first database project.
I was not able to find a way to host it up for free. Hence I created a video to share and explain all the features .
This is the link. Please give your feedback here or in the comments box.

The project tech stack includes

Impressive in it’s functionality. Well done.
My only comment and suggested area of improvement may be in the UI, choice of fonts, colors, spacing/layout.
But overall, really great job.

How long did this take you to finish?
What’s your stack?

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Thank you @owel .
I’m a student so it took me roughly 7 weeks to complete the project along with college and other commitments. I had a friend to help me with it.
As mentioned above the tech stack used was
Html, bootstrap, css, JS, Ajax, Jquery
PHP, MySql

Again, I’m glad you liked it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Very cool - that’s a tonne of functionality. It would be great if you found a way to host it.

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You can try to publish your project on heroku.

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Thank you @RadDog25
Yup. I’m trying to find a way to host it.

I was having a problem in installing the heroku cli.
I’ll try again. Thank you @Implaier :grinning: