Just finished my CS50 final project! (feedback)

Hey guys! I’ve been following @P1xt’s Web Development with Computer Science Foundations guide, and I just finished my CS50 final project. Or rather, I just finished deploying it on Heroku and troubleshooting all of the issues that came with it. :slight_smile:

So here’s a link to the project: https://tracklog-app.herokuapp.com/
And the project’s GitHub repo in case anyone is interested: https://github.com/AmirF27/tracklog

Basically, it’s a simple video game backlog tracking web app. Feel free to create an account and play around. Instructions on how to use the app are on the home page. Also, feel free to use it if you like, although I can’t guarantee its reliability and security, lol (it does hash/encrypt passwords though).

As you can apparently see, I haven’t really invested much in the looks/style of the app (relied mostly on Bootstrap’s defaults), since the app is very back end heavy which required me to put my focus mostly there. I’ll probably come back to it later and improve on it. It’s also most likely not the best written code ever, but I did what I could with my current knowledge.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!


even though i am not into games i created an account and fiddled around with the app (changed password/ and added and deleted platforms) imo everything seems to be working fine :wink:

great job! just keep it up buddy :wink:

Hi, how did you deploy to Heroku? I just finished pset 7 (C$50 Finance) and was able to deploy locally on my machine, but really struggling how to deploy in Heroku. The Heroku documentation is not the most helpful, any resources you found?