Holding myself accountable: it worked!

I made this post about a week ago with the intention of psyching myself into focusing on the projects. Apparently, it worked out! I have just completed the ever elusive Simon Game. The code is far from pretty, but I’m confided that I got the core functionalities in. Now I have the lovely FCC Front-End Certificate :heart_eyes:

To share a couple of tips:

  • As long as you’re already comfortable with HTML/CSS/JS basics, move away from Codepen and setup your local environment. Then use Github to host your projects. It’s never too early to practice version control.
  • Write your learning experience in a journal / notebook / blog. Though you might have a high chance of not reading your posts, writing it down helps reinforcing the main ideas because it forces you to translate abstract concepts into plain and readable English.
  • You can find another method, but I find it massively helpful to create a flowchart before writing a single line of logic. This is also the reason I finished the Simon Game faster than I expected: every “box” in the flowchart is already every class methods that I’ll need. All I needed to do is implement those methods.

###What now?
I’d probably wait for the beta process to end. I’d take this break as an opportunity to finish my other plans:

  • Start and finish Interneting is Hard
  • Finish this Dev Tips Playlist (my design skills are atrocious)
  • Create an AI that’s geared to beat my girlfriend in Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Learn React

Hopefully by then, the beta is finished :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck to your endeavors, and thanks for reading! Have a good day! :smiley:


I appreciate the update. Right now I need to see people doing well to keep myself motivated. I’m also going to check out the intterneting is hard link; it looks to be helpful on postioning of elements and

's on a page which I still have some trouble with. Keep it up!
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I used to feel envy and jealousy when I see posts like the one I posted, but I realized this is not a race. The only competition is the one that you have with yourself. No matter how slow the progress is, all that counts is that you’re a better man than you were when you started.

Let’s keep learning! :smiley:

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