Day1-Starting iOS Development

Find my first day experience here.


Why don’t you provide this as as PDF so there’s no risk of virus infection. Or better yet as a blog post.


Yes I am working on it.

Actually, PDFs can have viruses too. They can have Javascript and other exploits that cause malicious activity.

To avoid risk of anything containing malware, use a plain text file, or as suggested, post as plain text here.

Certainly I cannot take the pain of posting plain text, it is very easy to format word file. If you guys feel like it’ll have malware, please turn on the malware protection in your browser or download add-ons or just simply don’t open the file. Thanks!

I didn’t mean to imply you were spreading viruses.

I only meant to correct a misconception if people thought that PDFs are worry-free and safe.

Do post away in whichever format works best for you and thank you for sharing.
I’ll just add one more thing and say that PDFs are more universal than doc files. Not everyone has MS Word.

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Well its word-online without write permission anyone with browser can view, make it kind of read-only file and I am working on a blog so I will be able to share it there.

This is more secure link to todays work.

@a-pandey With my experience being a new IOS developer, swift is very easy to understand at the beginning but it gets alittle overwhelming when you start learning about computed properties, guards, lazy loading, protocols and delegate.

That is challenging!

Day 2 of my iOS Development.

this is the most suitable solution I found to publish my work. Its on GitBook please contribute to my work by creating an account on gitbook. Its the GitHub of books and docs

Operators in Swift.

Collections in Swift

Dictionary in Swift

There’s this great app named Swifty if you’re on iOS. Learn to code on the go, 5-10 minutes.