Declare and assign the same variables

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how can i declare and assign the same variable to a number or string

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// Variable declarations
var properCamelCase = "tITLEcASEoVER";
var TitleCaseOver;

// Variable assignments
PRoperCAmelCAse = "A String";
tITLEcASEoVER = 9000;

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Challenge: Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables

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Hello! Welcome to the community :partying_face:!

You have to edit the code so the variable names use camelCase :slight_smile:. You need to edit them in the // Variable declarations and // Variable assignments sections.

please how i have tried that with the assignments and declarations

Do you mean to say how to re-assign string or number to a variable like :

var aVariable = one value;

aVariable = another value;

Let’s assume we have this code:

// Variable declaration
var UPPERCASE = "all uppercase";
var camelCase = 1;
var PartiallyCORrect = "almost right";

// Variable assignments
UPPERCase = 30; // This doesn't exist
camelCASE = "this is wrong";
partiallyCORRECT = "this doesn't exist either";

The lesson is asking you to correct the variable names, using camel case. This means that you need to modify it like this:

// Variable declaration
var upperCase = "all uppercase";
var camelCase = 1;
var partiallyCorrect = "almost right";

// Variable assignments
upperCase = 30; // This doesn't exist
camelCase = "this is wrong";
partiallyCorrect = "this doesn't exist either";

Does it help?

let me try maybe it will work

no not that is assigning and declaring it with another variable