Declare JavaScript Variables - wrong?

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I’m starting a bootcamop at the end of the month and am currently doing the pre-course as well as some courses here.

I learned that var is not really common practice any more, but let or const have taken the place…

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// Example
var ourName;

// Declare myName below this line

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You have the wrong variable name, it shouldn’t be ourName, check it, and you should declare the variable name below that comment line


Thanks. However, what I meant (I asked before I compeltred the excdercise) was that var is not used to declare a variable apparently any more - let should be used or const.

Just wondering why var is used here - maybe for an older version of js?

You can refer this,

Great, thanks!!! Much appreciated.

You are welcome…! :slight_smile:

var has problems, and yes, let and const are replacements. The issue with JS is that nothing in the language can be deprecated: when a new version of the language comes out (which is, since 2015, every year), all the old stuff has to work in exactly the same way otherwise the internet breaks.

With let and const, it’s harder to make programs that quietly do the wrong thing when there’s an an error, whereas its quite easy to do so using var. As a rule of thumb, use const for everything until you really need a variable that gets reassigned (eg the counter in a loop).