Degree from DeVry: Worth It?

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I recently found out that I have a great program available through the company I work for to get a discount on tuition at DeVry. I’ve been speaking with some people from admissions, and I have been considering getting a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a specialization in Web Development and Administration. I guess my main question is, would people take a degree from DeVry seriously, or would I be better off with no degree if that’s my main option. Also, at what cost do you think it would be worth it to get said degree?

I would check their reputation with students first. Here’s Consumer Affairs. Also try searching for your local campus on the BetterBusniessBureau 's site. See if you can find any graduates from your area and ask them about their experiences.

I just plain don’t trust for-profit diploma mills. My friend is still paying off his first and only semester there, which taught him nothing. I don’t think it would add value to your life. You’d probably spend a lot of money on this degree and end up disappointed.


I attended DeVry many years ago. IMO, just go to a traditional college, you will save a huge amount of money. An added benefit, the credits will transfer better. There are several public colleges that have online degrees. Oregon Tech has a very good online Information Technology program.

List of Online State Universities
Center For Online Education - Experts in Online Colleges

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Make sure the college you want to go to has regional accreditation, not national. It’s a very important distinction.

Also, IMO: for-profit schools will milk you dry and dump you.

There are options for online && non-profit && regionally-accredited schools out there. Don’t accept anything less.

(Personally I recommend WGU, which meets all of these qualifications and has a rigorous IT program, but just make sure the school qualifies.)


Thanks guys. I hadn’t really looked too much into it in the past, but I found out that I could get a really good discount through work, and started requesting information. But within a few days, I was signing paperwork and filling out an application for student aid, and took a moment to step back and see if I was really truly interested in it.

I posted this thread as I was speaking to an advisor(?) on the phone, and wasn’t sure if this was a direction I wanted to go in. As I am just about to start a Chingu cohort, and only part-way through the FCC curriculum (as it stands, and as it will be after the updates) as well as the “Job Ready” guide, I have decided that I’m going to work through what is currently on my plate, and then reevaluate my education options if I cannot get into a job after all of this.

When I worked in hi-tech years ago (OK, decades) places like that were considered kind of a joke. I agree with others - you’d be better off going to a local community college. I’ll be a better education and much cheaper.

I know a guy who got a degree in Computer Science from DeVry. Now he’s a POS Systems Operator in an $800 billion industry.

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There are guys that dropped out of high school and became billionaires. That doesn’t mean it’s a good plan. You can’t cherry pick a few examples but you have look at all of the data. Places like DeVry are overpriced and don’t do a very good job. I worked with dozens of guys from these schools and not one was worth it. I was always amazed at the insane amount of money they paid for so little education. I’m sure there are some sharp guys coming out of those schools, but those are probably guys that would have excelled just as well (if not better) in a cheaper school.

Places like DeVry are for-profit diploma mills. All they care about is that the check clears.


A cashier? That’s not much different from my current job.

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I was specifically going for waiter at Cheesecake Factory, but close enough.

PS. There’s nothing wrong with being a waiter or a cashier, it’s just that it’s not worth the student loan debt.