Demotivated re: jQuery

Hi guys,

I just started the jQuery (3h) section, I’m at the Target the same element with multiple jQuery Selectors challenge and I’m very unmotivated because I feel like I don’t understand the foundation of what I’m doing. In HTML5, I though things we’re more simple because I understood where everything was coming from. Now, I feel like I’m just going through (that’s when I’m not stuck on a challenge) without understanding anything.

Any tips on keeping my motivation?
Any complementary reading to understand it better before the challenges?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I found myself into the very same situation and as soon as project stage started I switched to using native JS DOM. It helped me to understand underlying processes a great deal.

Start with Codeacademy’s jQuery course.

Their courses are good for getting basic understanding of a language.


My recommendation for the jQuery section is to just get through it. When you get to the projects and start using it for real use cases, it’ll start to make a lot more sense. At least that’s what worked for me, YMMV.

Yeah, I feel that JQuery section is just placed in an odd place, before you even learn JS fundamentals. Try to finish it, but if you don’t want to it’s fine. Finish the first two projects, do JS and then JQuery if you feel like it. These days, a lot can be done with native JS anyway, and you might not really need JQuery for most projects.

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I did finish it but to be honest it’s the first part that I finished without really understanding what I did. I’m doing my tribute now, and probably won’t use jQuery and I’ll get back to it later if I need it after the JS fundamentals. Thanks for your help!

In my coding group we use a lot of FCC material, but we skip the jQuery section, do the JavaScript section and all the beginning algorithms, then we come back to jQuery before the Random Quote Machine Project. Only, as some others have pointed out, we use the Codecademy jQuery course. FCC is an amazing resource, but they still have a few kinks to work out, and unfortunately jQuery is one of them.

From here:

What are the main changes?

We are integrating more applied theory: visual design, user experience design, accessibility, testing, and security. We are also placing less emphasis on convenience tools like jQuery and Bootstrap, and more emphasis on core skills like JavaScript and CSS.

Also FCC is going with React in later projects and React community is discouraging to use jQuery with React (one example).

Of course you should learn jQuery anyway sooner or later, but for FCC front-end projects it is not required - all of them can be done with vanilla JS.

Yeah, I feel that both jQuery and Bootstrap are misplaced in FCC curriculum: you definitely should understand how basic JS and CSS work before switching to these convenience tools, otherwise it’s not convenience but confusion…

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I’m so happy FCC taught me how to use Bootstrap. The less CSS I have to deal with, the happier I am. I would be happy to never have to move things around on a page with vanilla CSS ever again. So the in-built grid that bootstrap provides makes me very happy.

I also think jQuery is incredibly important. The vast, vast majority of websites/apps on the web use jQuery. Many more than those that use React/Angular/Ember/etc frameworks. So I wouldn’t underplay how important jQuery is to learn. That said, OP will learn it a lot more fully once they get to building actual projects with it rather than the challenges included in the FCC curriculum.