Deploying Express App in Netlify

Hello Everyone,

I want to deploy a simple Express App without any frontend. This Express App only contains routings and serving pages with “handlebars” template engine. I tried to search for resources to deploy this on “netlify” and followed many videos as well. But, in every video, I learnt the following:

  1. Express can be accessed/deployed using lambda functions for netlify to host it.
  2. Another thing, every video is only showing to deploy express with api endpoints which can be accessed through these lambda functions when requested from a frontend application.
  3. Another thing, the lambda functions has to be made according to the api endpoints, which means the no. of api endpoints = number of lambda functions/(script files) as each lambda function denotes a script file.
  4. So, according to the point number 3, I guess it is best suited for GraphQl rather than REST Api.

After all this information, is there any way that I can deploy only a Simple Express App rather than Frontend + Express Api in Netlify ?

Please, do correct me if I am wrong in any information and any suggestion or help will be really helpful for me.

Thank You

I use Heroku for deploying simple Express apps.

It’s similar to Netlify in that it deploys easily from your git repo, but it has the added benefit of giving you a real server.

You could try this method:

Thank You @JacksonBates for your reply and suggestion. After a lot of asking and finding here and there, I guess netlify is good for Express API deployment, not for an independent Express App w/o any frontend. And yes, heroku is the way to deploy Express App.

Thank you @razzakammar_nano for your reply and suggestion. I had already seen the video and I think it’s suited for Express API not for Express without frontend.