Descriptive Link Text length

I’ve learned it’s bad practice to use expressions like ‘click here’, ‘here’ and similarly inaccessible link texts (though I still encounter these on major news sites). My question is: While trying to increase accessibility, can a link text or anchor text be too long?

Sure it can. I think the point isn’t that it needs to be longer but that it needs to be more informative. There is no need to tell people to click on a link anymore than you need to tell people to flip a switch to turn on a light. When they want to know is that that link does, especially for screen readers. The screen reader doesn’t want to know “click here” - it already knows that. It wants to know what it is doing.

For example if I had a text at the bottom that says “Click here to see more recipes”, you don’t want the link on the “click here” but on the “more recipes”. In fact you might just be able to have “more recipes” or “see more recipes”.

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