Developer tools are false

I have a iphone 6 and when i try the responsiveness for the iphone 6
it doesnt even look nearly as my phone does so what can i use instead of developer tools for true responsiveness or is there something that i dont know please help.

Hi @oguzhanefe32!

It might be the iphone 6 because I had the same issue when I first started. The designs would look horrible on my phone but then for other peoples phones it would be fine.

It would also help if you could share a link to your project so we can test it for ourselves.

not really i tested in my moms note 4 it was still not even close

Well, the developer tools might not be exact but more of an estimate.

But it is hard to see the problem without some context. If you can share a link to your project than we can see the issue for ourselves.

Plug the phone into your computer or just navigate to the site on your phone? You’re running a server for development, you can just navigate to the site (run the server like nom start, make sure your phone and computer are in the same WiFi network, find your computer’s network address, and so if it’s and the dev server port is 3000, then you’d navigate to in the phone’s browser). Also, special case for iPhones: if you have a Mac, Safari will give you advanced debugging tools if you plug your phone in

As stated though, for specific help it would be easier if there was an example.