Developing My First Website: Looking for Advice

Hi Campers,

I have been learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a few weeks now (here is my story) and have started developing the front-end of my own website. I would love to hear your thoughts on my process so far and get some advice on how to proceed.

Firstly, I started with a blank page and wrote HTML/CSS code from scratch, without applying JavaScript yet (because I can’t as of now). However, after some googling, I learned that it might be better to use a template as a base and then make changes to the layout and design using HTML and CSS.

So, I looked for free templates and started using one. But then, I realized that there were certain elements that the template did not have, so I began looking at other websites and inspecting their HTML/CSS code for inspiration and to learn new things. Whenever I found a relevant element on an active website (e.g. a sliding photo gallery), I would inspect the website to get some ideas and also copy their code.

Now, I’m looking for feedback on my process so far and would love to know how you would go about developing a website if you were someone who just started learning HTML/CSS/JS for the past few weeks while still not able to effectively apply JS.

Thank you so much for your ideas!

You are doing great!

I would advice you to keep going exactly how you are, it’s the most efficient way to learn is by simply looking for inspiration, inspecting and implementing.

My only advice if I had to give one would be never be afraid to try something new, and different. After all it’s just code running on your computer! What’s the worst that could happen? If you have a wacky fun idea, just try to implement it. Even if you don’t know a technology, feel free to read the documentation of that technology and try to figure it out yourself.

The reason I’m saying this, is that since you are literally a PHD student, I’m sure you are more than capable of taking on a higher challenge. I believe it would accelerate your learning process in the long run by skipping the tutorial, and reading the documentation directly (you can always come back to the tutorial).

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That sounds like a pretty normal learning pattern. Some day, you’ll probably look back at this first website and think it looks like a Frankenstein, but right now you’re seeking out new skills and applying them as you go. I think you’re doing great.

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