Developing with Wordpress? yes or no?

So… I do have a Wordpress main website that somebody else did for me.

I am learning to code, and I am including special features that go outside the “theme” of my wordpress website.

I do use the blog feature to add new content to my website, and even have a blog category linked to my main menu to show specific list of blogs.

When would you say is a good idea to develop with Wordpress and when would it a better idea to develop with something else?

Oh I did that sometime ago with other CMS, is not good, better you learn first and then include your features on your theme or create your own plugins/themes. In the midtime you can use features from plugins on the worpress market.

Anyway I suggest you first follow the FreeCodeCamp Responsive web design path. Javascript basics and learn some PHP basics too (there are a lot of tutorials on youtube). With those knowledges and the wordpress documentation you can create your own themes and plugins:

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