Doubt with Wordpress develop website and website code with html/css/javascript

from the "beginner’s questions series I have a doubt: Is it possible to create a website with coding html / css / js and then put it inside clear wordpress installation? Which are pro and against? Would it still be possible to use Wordpress plugins then? I ask because I have heard some developers do it, but I never understood: if you create a website in html / css / js code you then need to insert it within a CMS platform to work or simply insert it within the directory hosting service you use for your site?

it’s an interesting question, but have you tried asking on the help forums?

Yes, but in the meantime I asked here too since I have been following freecodecamp for a while

Can you share the question link (on the wordpress forum)? I am interested in the answer as well.

You talk about wordpress official forum? Because i ask for my question in facebook wordpress page, not in a official website, but now I also ask in the official forum and share the link here

I mean the forums like this one
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