DevOps or Web development?

which one is a better career option especially for freelancers?

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I’m not big on the freelancer space, but in my time looking into it, I’ve never heard of freelance DevOps, plus DevOps is less of a specific role and more of a company mindset/culture.

So between the two options probably web development. Odds are if you’re a freelance web developer you’d have to do development and some operation tasks, such as setting up web-servers and hosting for your clients. I wouldn’t label yourself directly as some “DevOps freelancer” though, as that might make things harder than just “web developer”.

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thanks a lot for your help

I’m currently learning web development on my own, but I’ve seen an ad for a free government-backed DevOps Bootcamp in my country, that’s the main reason to why I’m torn between the two

Might be worth checking out if it’s free and you’re interested. Again DevOps is usually more of a thing done within a company itself to “bridge the gap” between development, and operations to increase velocity. If your by yourself freelancing there isn’t really anything to bridge as you are already development and operations (among other things)

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